Yes or Yesn’t

Fine5 DT´s “Yes or Yesn’t” is an internally reflective dance performance that focuses on compromises and feelings in human relationships. Compromises are important elements in both the narrative of the story and the process of building the production. The relationship between the two people and how to cope with each other in common processes, the relationship between speaking and listening, the balance between movement and non-movement, being and non-being, is studied.

Choreography/Dance: Anita Kurõljova, Richard Beljohin
Music: Valentin Siltsenko
Dramaturgy: Tõnis Veelmaa
Costumes: Kirill Safonov
Lighting: Ants Kurist
Photo: Merje Rääbis

Premiere: Jan 13th 2022 at Sakala3 teatrimaja rehearsal studio (5th floor)
Supporters: Eesti Kultuurkapital, Eesti Kultuuriministeerium

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I was here

This performance is about physical and mental/spiritual communication and touch. Olga Zitluhina, Latvian choreographer and author of the concept, acknowledges that life is running very fast and questions, are we able to feel the real touch or the only communication we know is with the touch screens? Are we capable to value real touch between human beings, both physical and mental? In this piece the communicative aspect is transferred and projected into the deeper communication – through the real time touch between humans we aim to reach to touch our own spirits and minds. Inspiration for the works comes from human hands, arms, fingers – all the good and bad done through our sensuous upper limbs, led by our instincts, feelings, thoughts.

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